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Cover von ‚Holy War’ and Gender. ‚Gotteskrieg’ und Geschlecht

Christina von Braun, Ulrike Brunotte, Gabriele Dietze, Daniela Hrzán, Gabriele Jähnert, Dagmar Pruin (Hg.)
Holy War’ and Gender. ‚Gotteskrieg’ und Geschlecht

Violence in Religious Discourses. Gewaltdiskurse in der Religion Lit Verlag (Reihe Berliner Gender Studies), Münster 2006, 269 Seiten, € 19,90

In modern societies we seem to witness a renaissance of religious thought and religious passion that a times leads to violent action. ‘Holy Wars’ are part of this ‘renaissance’, but it is not the least clear whether this ‘holiness’ us a relict of religion, a return of religious thinking, or rather the new face of modernity that dons the mask of religion.

This collection aims at a better understanding of the implications of modern warfare – its form and its causes – for Gender Studies. Gender has on many occasions proven to be a very useful interpretative tool in deciphering historical, cultural and socio-economical subtexts of the modern world.


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